Briogeo Hair Care | Product Review

One recent discovery of mine has been Briogeo. If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, I will tell you all about it. The products I have tried so far are only two, but both products have been amazing. I am pretty sure I first heard of them on YouTube (as usual) and decided to give it a go. The first product I picked up is the Scalp Revival Charcoal…

Favorite Hair Oils – How I Keep My Hair Looking Healthy

favorite hair oils for a healthy hair

Hair is one of those things that is always a mystery. Whoever figures out exactly what hair likes should get an award. As I try to understand my way around hair, I’ve tested a lot of hair products to make it look the way I like. One type of product I’ve discovered in recent years are hair oils – hair oil for shine, hair oil for frizz, hair oil for…