The Top Three Bronzers You Need

Holaa again! I’m back with a new post this week. If you missed my last post, I reviewed the products in my current skincare routine, and you can read it here, In today’s post, I will be reviewing my top three bronzers. These are products that I’ve used for more than a few months, one of them I’ve used for over a year now and I still go back to it. Are there any products you just keep going back to?

Tarte Parke Ave. Princess, Benefit Hoola, PF Butter Bronzer

Bronzer is just one of those great products that help light-skinned people like me add some colour and dimension to the skin. I try to not go too over the top with it, as I don’t want to look orange, but done right, bronzer can just make your skin glow. This is probably the product I never skip. Two of these bronzers are available at Sephora and you can get them during the Sephora sale with 20% or 15% off! The sale begins on November 10th and goes through November 15th.

The first bronzer is the Butter Bronzer from Physicians Formula. I recently got to try the newest addition to the butter family, HIGHLIGHTERS!, so let me know if you’d like a review of that. This bronzer is a cult favorite. Everyone has raved about it at some point. It is one of those products that never goes away or loses hype. Unfortunately, there are only two shades available which I think is very limited as the deeper shade wouldn’t work for people with deeper skin tones. My favorite part is the scent, opening up the package is like a trip to the beach. It blends really nicely and it’s not too pigmented, which I think is nice because you can build it up to your preferred level of bronzeness.

Next, Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer. This is another that has been around for a while. They recently released a Lite version that works really well for people with fair skin tones. Again, just a really nice staple bronzer that is easy to use. That is one of the things I look for the most, just how easy it is to apply as I don’t want to look muddy or be too bronzed.

The third and last bronzer is a new addition to my collection, I got it using my Sephora points to get a Tarte package. I had read multiple reviews of this bronzer and had been wanting to try it out for a while, but didn’t want to buy the full-size. It is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer – there is a Matte version as well – in the shade Park Avenue Princess. I like this bronzer because it has a little bit of shimmer and it looks flawless on the skin.

What are your current favorite bronzers? Anything you plan on picking up during the Sephora sale?

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What’s your favorite bronzer?

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