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I am sure you’ve seen The Ordinary products all over Instagram and YouTube. The Ordinary is a brand by DECIEM – “The Abnormal Beauty Company.” Amongst a massive range of skincare products, The Ordinary also has two foundations, the Coverage foundation and the Serum foundation. The main reason why these products have been so hyped up is because of the price tags.

The foundations retail for $6.90 and that’s around where all the other products are. You can now also find the brand at Sephora. Other places where you can purchase The Ordinary are ASOS and Beautylish. I have been afraid to try the skincare products, mainly because I have pretty good skin and don’t really think I need that much help in that department, but also because The Ordinary skincare products are strong. They are pure ingredients without the added nonsense the beauty industry adds. If you are interested in trying out their skincare, click here and you can get assistance and recommendations based on your skin concerns.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

Coverage Foundations are full-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations contain higher pigment levels than our Serum Foundations but still offer a smooth finish that avoids the heavy makeup look that can make skin appear more aged. The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream.

This foundation is alcohol-free, oil-free, nut-free, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and cruelty-free. The packaging is really cute, it does come with a pump, but it does not come with a lid. The pump can get locked, so if you’re traveling with it, you might be more comfortable doing this, but there is a risk of it going everywhere. You will be surprised by how small the bottle is, but when compared to other foundations, it says it has the same amount of product. It just seems like DECIEM and The Ordinary are skipping out on all the unnecessary fuss like the bulky packaging.

There are 21 shades, which although not the best, is more than some other brands have like IT Cosmetics that has like four shades in their range. I picked up the shade 1.2 N (Light Neutral) in both foundations. They are not exactly the same, but they’re pretty close.

I do have to say, I do not like this foundation at all. I tried it with a beautyblender and a brush, and it just doesn’t look good on me. There are some foundations that I feel like highlight ALL the texture on your face. In this case, the peach fuzz we all have (tiny, thin hairs all over your face) was really noticeable. I tried it multiple times and the last time I tried it I ended up taking it off and putting on my IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

the ordinary deciem

The Ordinary Serum Foundation

Serum Foundations are lightweight medium-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. These foundations offer moderate coverage that looks natural with a very lightweight serum feel. They are very low in viscosity and are dispensed with the supplied pump or with the optional glass dropper available for purchase separately if preferred.

On the other hand, I love the Serum foundations! This is for the girl who prefers a more natural look. As the name says, it is not a high-coverage foundation. Just as with the Coverage foundation, there are 21 shades available of this formula. This formula is a lot more liquidy, and the finish reminds me of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. The other makeup products I used went on really nicely, and I love the way it looks. I can’t say it’ll replace my CC Cream, but since the coverage is a bit less, it’s a great alternative for those no-makeup makeup looks.

the ordinary foundation flatlay

The IT Cosmetics CC Cream continues to be the foundation I reach for the most. The Ordinary Serum foundation is a great foundation, especially for the price, but I don’t think it should be as hyped up as it is. If you’re interested in skin, and you want to use good skin ingredients, then definitely check out the foundations! Since they’re so affordable, I would recommend getting both, and with Beautylish (and Sephora), you can return any product even if you’ve used it. Please remember that just because the Coverage foundation did not work for me, does not mean it is not a good product. It just didn’t work on my skin. If you’re still interested, or have seen other positive reviews, don’t be afraid to try it out!

Have you tried The Ordinary products yet?
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