Naked Heat vs Tartelette Toasted | Palette Review

naked heat vs tartelette toasted review

Two palettes I had my eyes on were the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Toasted palette and the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Both palettes are filled with beautiful warm-toned shadows, and that’s the kind of look I like. The first released palette was the Urban Decay Naked Heat. I found the shades to be beautiful and it received amazing reviews. For some reason, when the Tartelette Toasted palette was released I fell in love. I stopped thinking about the Naked Heat and I picked up Toasted during Sephora’s VIB Fall sale. As I am sure I wasn’t the only one struggling between these two, I thought I’d share the best, the worst, and the winner between these two.

The Formula

naked heat palette

I found both palettes to be very similar. I was very impressed with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. As an owner of two other Naked palettes that had disappointed me before, these shadows felt so creamy and pigmented. As is the case with other Naked palettes, there isn’t a lot of kick up with the Naked Heat. On the other hand, the Tartelette Toasted has a lot of kick up when you dip your brush in.

When it comes to formula, the prize goes to the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. They look beautiful on the eyes, they blend so easily, and they’re just such great quality. Not that the Toasted is not, but the Naked Heat just has an inch over the Toasted.

The Shade Range

Swatches of the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Toasted palette

While at first glance both palettes seem very similar, the shades are actually very different. The Naked Heat has a lot more red tones, while the Tartelette Toasted has more copper tones. In terms of neutral, basic, everyday shades, the Tartelette Toasted has more of these with six shades (the first two columns of the palette). On the other hand, the Naked Heat has four shades (the first four shades), and the rest of the shades are a lot deeper.

naked heat swatches
Swatches of the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette

In this category, I prefer the Tarte palette, mainly because I find it really easy to create a variety of looks. The last time I went to Colombia, I only traveled with this palette, and it was so easy to switch things up. I do love the shades in the Urban Decay palette, but they are a lot bolder.

The Packaging

tarte cosmetics tartelette toasted palette

This category is easy. Tarte Toasted all the way. I love the simple, square-ish packaging. It is so easy to travel with and the mirror is amazing. The Naked palettes are all long and while they do come with a mirror, it is a lot shorter.

Neither of the palettes feels cheap. They both have sturdy packaging, but I prefer the Tarte packaging over the Urban Decay.

Final Thoughts

I love both palettes. They are actually a lot more different than I thought they were in terms of shades. Like I said before, the Toasted palette has more copper/gold shades, while the Naked palette has more red-tone shades. I wish I could have a final answer for which one you should get, but I think it all depends on the shades that call you the most. I find both to be beautiful so I am happy having them both. Just know that in terms of quality, the palettes are extremely similar.

Are you a Toasted or a Heat kind of person?
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