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The most recent Pixi Beauty PR package sent was promoting the new Pixi Pretties collection. This is not the first Pixi Pretties collection Pixi has launched in collaboration with beauty influencers. In the past, it has collaborated with Caroline Hirons, Dulce Candy, Aspyn Ovard, and Weylie Hoang. This year’s collab features Chloe Morello (again), RachhLoves, Maryam Maquillage, From Head To Toe, and ThatsHeart. There are a variety of products in the collection, from an eyeshadow palette, highlighters, liquid lipsticks, and liquid eyeshadows. If you’re a fan of any of these influencers or of Pixi Beauty, this post is for you!

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Pixi Beauty x Chloe Morello

pixi pretties collection with chloe morello three lip icings

The collaboration with Chloe Morello is an expansion on their first collaboration last year. In 2018, Chloe launched three products with Pixi Beauty including one shade of lip icing (lip gloss). This time around, Chloe released three additional shades of Lip Icing – Bonbon, Parfait, and Sorbet. These lip glosses are infused with nourishing rose hip and marula oil.

I actually really liked the lip icing from her first release so I was excited for more shades. The original shade had a golden shift, the three new shades are more colorful. BonBon has a hot pink shift. The gloss is also more pigmented. Parfait is my favorite from this collection. It is similar to her original shade, but instead of a clear gloss with golden shift, this one has a light pink shift. I’ve paired it with nude lipsticks and it looks beautiful. The last shade, Sorbet, is a light blue gloss with a blue shift. It is very subtle and cool-toned.

swatches of chloe morello's collection with pixi beauty
From top to bottom: Parfait, Sorbet, Bonbon

The formula of the lip icings is very comfortable. It is a gloss so it definitely has a tackyness to it, but not thick. The lip icings also pair well with other lipsticks.

Pixi Beauty x RachhLoves

This is the Pixi Pretties release I was the least excited about. The RacchLoves collection includes only one product – the layers highlighting palette. It has five highlighter shades to be mixed and matched. While I think it is very ingenuous, it’s just not something I am personally attracted to. When I swatched them, the formula felt nice, not too blinding. Moreover, the packaging is beautiful and I think it’s a good product for some people, just not for me. Is this a product you’d be interested in having in your collection?

pixi pretties collection with rachhloves

Pixi Beauty x Maryam Maquillage

Next in the Pixi Pretties collection – Maryam Maquillage. Her collab includes two Eye & Lip kits. Shade Day is made up of a MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Coral Bang and a Liquid Fairy Light in Mirage. The second kit, Night comes with Posh Nude and Starry Night.

maryam maquillage collection with pixi beauty

The liquid lipsticks are some of my favorite drugstore formulas and I love Posh Nude. It is a beautiful, cool-toned nude. Nude lipsticks are some of my favorites and what I reach for the most on a day-to-day basis. They are super comfortable to wear and not drying. On the other hand, while I don’t think the Liquid Fairy Lights liquid shadows are bad, they’re not something I use. The swatches looked beautiful though! And the shade Starry Night is very unique and nothing like what Pixi has currently in stock.

pixi pretties collection swatches maryam maquillage
From top to bottom: Posh Nude, Starry Night, Coral Bang, Mirage

Pixi Pretties x From Head To Toe

The collaboration with Jen from From Head To Toe is simple, but made up of beautiful products. She released two Glow-y Powder shades and a Head To Toe Endless Shade Stick. The two Glow-y Powders are highlighter-like powders to be used in a variety of ways. They can be used as highlighters or as eyeshadows. The two shades in the collection are Fetch and Wednesdays. I was also not very excited about these. The shades are not something I would use as a highlighter, but would consider using as an eyeshadow.

From head to toe collab with pixi beauty

The second product in the collection, the Head To Toe Endless Shade Stick comes in a beautiful copper tone. I love these types of shades for my eyes so I was really excited about this one. When swatching it, the formula felt really creamy. I even saw a few people mention on Instagram that theirs had broken, so if you pick this up, be extremely careful.

swatch of endless shadow stick

Pixi Beauty x ThatsHeart

Probably what I was most excited about. The Pixi Pretties x Thats Heart collection includes an eyeshadow palette perfect for Fall. I have used Pixi Beauty eyeshadows before and have loved the formula. The Eye Heart eyeshadow palettes comes with 8 shades. Two mattes, three satins, and three more glittery shades. I love that it has a couple pop of colors and a darker brown.

thatsheart eyeshadow palette pixi beauty

To some, this eyeshadow palette might look super simple, but I think that it has a little bit of everything. Have you had the chance of using Pixi Beauty eyeshadow palettes in the past?

thatsheart eyeshadow palette swatches
From top to bottom: Oh He Got Money, Feb 4th, The Best FAM, Always Dancing, Lip Sync, Coffee, Fur Babies, Philippines

I was extremely excited to receive this package, especially the Chloe Morello Lip Icings and the ThatsHeart eyeshadow palette. I’ve been a huge fan of Pixi Beauty, their makeup and skincare, and love sharing them with you! Let me know if you have questions about any of the products.

What is your favorite product from the Pixi Pretties collection?

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