NARS Climax Mascara | Why I Am Returning It

In the last couple of months, some of the major brands released new mascaras. Hourglass released their Caution mascara, Glossier released Lash Slick, and NARS released Climax. The new NARS Climax mascara was announced with a lavish influencer brand trip, with some of the top influencers in the beauty industry posting about the mascara for days. This helped build up the hype. Also, the name. Climax. It goes with NARS vibe, let’s remember the Orgasm range. During the Sephora sale, I decided to pick it up. I have tested it so you don’t have to, and this is what I thought about it.

NARS Climax mascara with box

What I Loved

Let’s start with what I liked about the mascara.

  • The packaging – this mascara has some of the most beautiful packaging. The red definitely makes a statement.
  • The look – the NARS Climax mascara definitely adds length to my lashes. I love how it makes them fan out. It doesn’t add A LOT of volume, but just the right amount that they don’t look clumpy.
  • The wand – this is a love/hate item. I love non-plastic wands that are wide and have actual, hair (?) bristles. Usually, I love how these apply mascara, but there is a con to the wand of the NARS Climax mascara.
Example of how the NARS Climax mascara looks

What I Didn’t Like

Unfortunately, the cons outnumber the pros when it comes to this mascara.

  • The smudging – at the end of the day, I had mascara smudged in my under eye. This hadn’t happened with a mascara in a while. I usually apply my makeup early in the morning and I need it to last.
  • The wand – as I mentioned, a love/hate item. While I love this type of wand, this one is just a little too big. It was inevitable to get it on my eyelid. Every time I used it, even when I was being extremely careful, I got it on my eyelid. This is extremely annoying, especially when it happens after you’ve completed an eye look.

While I love the way it makes my lashes look, I can’t have it smudging, which is why I will be returning it. I can’t get use of a mascara that doesn’t last ON my lashes. The NARS Climax mascara costs $24, and I can find mascaras that have a similar effect and don’t smudge for a lot less. When I tried it with my Glossier Stretch Concealer, it was a smudgy mess. If you’re looking for great mascaras, make sure to check out Maybelline. A lot more affordable.

NARS Climax mascara wand
What’s the last mascara you tried and did you keep it? Let me know in the comments below!

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NARS most recent release, the NARS Climax mascara, has one of the most beautiful packagings I’ve ever seen. Is the mascara as good as the packaging?

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