My September Beauty Favorites

Hello once again! I am back, and hopefully for good. A lot of things have happened since the last time I posted. I apologize for my lack of activity, but I was busy moving states and starting Graduate school. During this time, I tried a lot of new beauty products, fell in love with some, hated others, and I am here today to tell you the ones that went straight into my makeup bag. These are my September Beauty Favorites:


In this month’s beauty favorites, there are two Glossier products. The first one, is their Wowder a powder that will cut shine, blur the appearance of pores, set makeup, look like skin. The formula of this powder is amazing, it does not look heavy on the skin and it doesn’t set into your dry lines. As someone with dry skin, powder can look chalky against my foundation and this does not happen with Wowder. They have also managed to perfect the packaging of loose powder. I highly recommend it!


The second product, and one of the most known products by Glossier, is their Cloud Paint aka cream blush. These give the skin the loveliest tint and they look so natural, like the perfect flush after a workout. I have them in two shades: Dusk and Haze. My only con is the packaging. Even though it is ridiculously cute, it’s hard to squeeze the tube just the perfect amount without having too much product come out. You really only need a tiny bit of this.


Primer is one of those products that are highly debated. Some people love them. Some don’t find any use for it. I was highly skeptical of primer and thought that as long as I moisturized I would be fine, but my makeup wasn’t looking good especially after I moved to Oregon where there is a much colder, drier climate than what I was used to. So, I decided to try Too Faced’s Hangover Primer. This goes on sooooo nice on the skin, it feels cooling and fresh, and I have noticed a significant difference in the way my makeup looks. Are there any primers that you love? Leave them in the comments below!


I am sure I am the last one to get on the NARS Sheer Glow boat, but I finally did it. I am sure I watched Zoella rave about this foundation a million times, and I can see now why she did. This foundation has the prettiest finish and I love how buildable it is. I am not a big fan of high-coverage foundation, and I usually go for a natural, dewy look and I can do that with this foundation and a wet beauty blender. The only downside is that the bottle does not come with a pump, you have to buy it separately and that’s just too much trouble.


Last but not least, Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. I love how this makes my lips look and feel. It is not super thick or sticky, I wouldn’t really say it’s an oil either, but it has definitely improved my lips. I usually apply it in the morning when I am getting ready and then wipe it before I put on my lipstick, or if I am not wearing any lipstick I’ll just leave it on. I have the shade Honey, but they have others that I believe are a bit more tinted.

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What were your favorites this month?

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