I went to a Sephora Beauty Class… Here are my thoughts

In case didn’t know, Sephora (in the U.S.) offers free beauty classes to its Beauty Insiders (this is a rewards program and it is free to sign up). Depending on your city, there will probably more classes and availability. Even though San Antonio, TX is a big city, it’s kinda a small town too. Finding open classes here is hard. I have to check months in advance hoping to find something and that classes are getting offered in my area. I finally did it! I swear this felt like when I finally able to snatch some of Kylie Jenner’s products when she was still doing the very limited releases and stuff sold out in seconds. Ridiculous.

The first class I attended was on a Wednesday evening, 6:30 p.m. and I went after work. This class took place while the store was open and full of people getting their makeup, browsing the products, and it was busy. They set us up at the front of the store, standing, and a little cramped to be honest. I wasn’t loving it. We were there to learn more about Winged Eyeliner. I suck at Winged Eyeliner. Suck. They had a variety of products available to us (all came from the testers around the store), mirrors, wipes, and also brow products because as I found out that day, you should do your eyebrows before you do your winged eyeliner.

There is a lot of measurement involved in winged eyeliner. From your nose to your eye to your eyebrow and from your eye to your eyebrow, and from your eyebrow to your nose, all to get an even looking line. Once I actually started trying to do my eyeliner, it was frustrating because a lot of the products we were provided with weren’t new, they hadn’t been used over and over again and getting any even color required me going over it multiple times. I think that and the standing are my only cons. The staff is super friendly and supportive, they are encouraging and make you believe that you’re doing amazing even when you have eyeliner way past your eyebrow. In the end, I actually managed a decent looking winged eyeliner and I was really proud of myself.

The second time, I went for Contour & Highlighting. This one was on a Saturday morning before the store opened, so it was a lot more organized, we had chairs, and access to the lighted mirrors, and a lot more people helping us out. I really enjoyed this class, and it was great to get tips for my skin type. Did you know people with dry skin should use more cream products than powder? No? Neither did I!

If you’re a beginner like me, I highly recommend you give these classes a go! You can learn more here.

Have you ever been to a makeup class? If so, leave a comment below and tell me all about it! Don’t forget to click the like button on your way out!

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