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If you’re a beauty blogger, you know that receiving your first PR package feels like the biggest accomplishment. I have received products before from Influenster, but nothing like this. If you’re not familiar with Pixi Beauty, they are a drugstore makeup and skincare brand available online and at Target. I have been a fan of Pixi Beauty for a while now, I’ve gone through so many bottles of Glow Tonic, and I’ve also used their Double Cleanse. Most recently, I have been using their Endless Silky Eye Pen. I am so grateful for this Pixi Beauty PR package and I can’t wait to review these products for you!

If you want to try to apply to be part of Pixi’s ambassador program and receive their PR packages, keep reading!

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What’s In The PR Package?

The products came packaged beautifully with a working lock with Pixi on it. On the left side, there were two products. The Rose Caviar Essence is a moisture serum and should be applied after cleansing and toning. The second product, the Rose Flash Balm, can be used as a moisturizer/primer or as a mask. If you want to use it under makeup, applying a very thin layer is enough. It is important that you do not rub it. To use it as a mask, apply a thicker layer and leave for five minutes.

Pixi beauty Pr contents displayed white rug

By using a serum, people are able to intensify the strength of their regimen or round out the ingredients they are applying to their skin to provide a more comprehensive approach to anti-aging and hydration. – Dr. Adam Greyer

On the other side of the Pixi Beauty PR package, the most beautiful lipsticks. These are a somewhat recent release, the MatteLast Liquid Lips. I received five out of the six shades that are available, Pastel Petal, Matte Beige, Really Rose, Au Naturalle, Evening Rose, and Prettiest Pink. The only shade I did not receive was Prettiest Pink. More shades have been released since.

First Impressions

Rose Caviar Essence

I had never tried an essence before. I’m also not exactly sure the differences between this and a serum. The Rose Caviar Essence feels hydrating, like a burst of hydration hitting the face. It has some rose particles too that add a nice effect.

Pixi beauty skin treats rose caviar essence rose flash balm

Rose Flash Balm

This one confused me a little bit. I went to use it as a moisturizer, and usually, I like to massage my face with the product. It’s a great way to make sure your skin absorbs it.  With this one, since it is also a mask, rubbing caused the product to peel. The second time I used it I was a lot more careful. I made sure to apply a very thin layer and to just spread it, but not rub it. This worked! It feels really nice on the skin, it is very hydrating, and so far I am really liking it. I am interested to try it as a mask as well.

MatteLast Liquid Lip

Pixi beauty mattelast liquid lips pr package

The products I was most excited in this Pixi Beauty PR package! I am obsessed with these! First, the shades in the package are beautiful. Second, they feel so comfortable on the lips. The lipsticks are infused with rosehip oil, and I think this is what makes them so comfortable. They’re not drying, they last well throughout the day, and they look beautiful. I definitely recommend these!

Overall, I am really enjoying these products so far! I am a big fan of the lipsticks and they really impressed me. The balm confused me at first, but I think there’s just a learning curve with it. I look forward to testing these out further and letting you guys know if my opinions change!

How I Got My First Pixi Beauty PR Package

This story might be different for everyone, so please keep that in mind! If you’re interested in receiving PR from Pixi, they make applying very easy for you. On their website you can submit a form to be considered. It really is that simple! I know a lot of people don’t like to share PR contacts, and that is completely understandable and I agree that someone’s information should not be shared without their consent. In this case, the process is very quick and simple.

Have you tried any Pixi Beauty products before?

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**These products were gifted to me, but all opinions are my own.**

How to receive Pr packages from pixi beauty

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