Colourpop Haul + First Impressions

To begin with, I’ll say this week has been poop aka shit since I’ve been sick so I will blame my sickness for the crappy writing and the even crappier pictures. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, please do know that I tried so hard to take good photos of these products but for some reason or other they just weren’t cooperating. At. All. And there had to be a post up tonight and so here we go. Colourpop recently launched a lot of different products as part of their monochromatic collections. I didn’t order anything then, but then they said “FREE SHIPPING” and I couldn’t help myself. Am I the only one that uses free shipping as an excuse to buy makeup?? I doubt it.

In this haul, I purchased the Phase 2 trio – a set of liquid lipsticks in all three formulas. The lipsticks included in the trio are Chandelier – Ultra Satin Lip, Curtsy – Ultra Glossy Lip with a Creme finish, and Fresh Cut – Ultra Matte Lip. I’m not the biggest fan of pinky shades or peach shades because I think they wash me out and just don’t look the best on me. I still thought I deserved to give these a go in honor of Spring. The three shades are lovely and I think i can mix the gloss finish with another matte lipstick. They weren’t as pink and pale as I thought they would be and I love that the trio comes with one of each finish – as I know not everyone loves the matte or the satin or the glossy, so it’s good to have some variety.


The second item was the Only You Lippie Stick in Creme finish. I love the Creme finish Colourpop recently released and I am obsessed with the Boys Town shade. I am not too crazy about this shade. The website describes it as a “warm mocha” and I guess that’s right, I just expected it to be a little darker. I need to try it with different eye looks and see how it goes, but for now, not liking it very much.

The thiiiird item ordered in this haul was the Double Play Pressed Powder Face Duo. So here is a funny story, I totally thought this was a bronzer and a highlighter, but I just realized (because I was reading the description for this post) that it is actually a blush and a highlighter). I tested this as a bronzer……… And you know, I wasn’t loving it. It was too orangey, too not the shade a bronzer should be. But it kinda makes sense now…. I feel a little stupid… The highlighter was gorgeous and I think I like it more than their super shock highlighters.

I also stabbed the not-bronzer with the eyeshadows…..

And last but not least…. the Belle of the Ball Pressed Powder Shadow Palette. These shades are gorgeous and super pigmented – these are my first Colourpop eyeshadows and I was very impressed. The packaging is a little bulky but it’s been built in a way that you can create an eye look using all the shades in the palette. The four shades in this palette are Secrets, Soft Core, Fair Play and On the Fence. Obsessed. And highly recommend them.

top to bottom: secrets, soft core, fair play, on the fence

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