Best Makeup Primers for Dry Skin|Tried & Tested

When thinking about makeup primers, it is so important to consider your needs. Do you have oily skin? Dry skin? Enlarged pores? Do they work? There are so many things a primer can help improve in terms of your overall makeup experience. For me, I look for a makeup primer that hydrates and plumps my skin. As someone with dry skin, I am not looking for a primer that controls my oil or fills in my pores. I am interested in primers that contain hyaluronic acid, that give me a glowy, dewy base. Please keep that in mind! If you have oily skin, this is not the post for you! And I would be the worst at recommending you a primer as I have no experience with them.

best makeup primers for dry skin

1. Smashbox Primerizer

The Smahsbox Primerizer is my current favorite primer. I love how this makes my skin feel. While it is hydrating, it is not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and plump. That is the main thing that I notice. Plumpness. While I haven’t tested for makeup duration – I haven’t noticed the opposite. My makeup wears nicely throughout the day.

Other claims: softens dry lines, stops makeup from setting into pores.

Ingredients: NO phthalates, NO parabens, FREE of sodium lauryl sulfates, oil, fragrance, and talc.

smashbox primerizer becca cosmetics makeup primers for dry skin

2. Becca Cosmetics First Light Priming Filter

The Becca makeup primer is also one that I enjoy – while it isn’t my favorite. There really isn’t anything wrong with it, I just prefer the way the Smashbox Primerizer makes my skin look and feel. Unlike the Primerizer, the First Light Priming Filter is purple, which serves to give a brighter, refreshed complexion. I definitely feel like it hydrates my skin, but that’s about it.

3. Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

too faced hangover replenishing face primer

This was the first makeup primer that I bought and loved. Before this, I had been using makeup primers that weren’t meant for my skin type. Who didn’t receive a Smashbox Photo Finish primer sample in a beauty subscription box? They were everywhere! The Too Faced Hangover RX Primer is really similar to the Smashbox Primerizer, but I don’t feel like it plumps my skin as much. It is super hydrating and I really liked it! Went through the whole tube and I would definitely consider repurchasing it.

Other claims: boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity, help hydrate

Makeup Primers Final Thoughts

Overall, I don’t think makeup primers are a required step in a makeup routine. It all depends on your preferences and need. Despite doing a very elaborate skincare routine full of hydrating products, I still enjoy the smoothing effect the Smashbox Primerizer has on my skin. If you have dry skin, I definitely recommend trying any of the products on this list.

Do you use a makeup primer? Which one is your favorite?

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Makeup primers can do wonders on dry skin - by helping hydrate, plump, and smooth fine lines. What is important is identifying the best one for you.

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