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Recently, I have noticed a lot of hype surrounding some skincare brands. On Instagram, it is noticeable that the attention for brands like Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, and Krave is high. While I do love some products from these brands, I think it is important to remember that not everyone can afford them. I have been lucky to find some great products that work on my dry skin. That is why I will be sharing the affordable skincare in my collection and what I think about them! There’s no need to break the bank in order to maintain a healthy skincare routine.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner/Essence
  3. Oil
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Eye Cream
  6. Extras

1. Cleanser

Probably the most important step in your routine. Never go to bed with your makeup on! It is so terrible for your skin. For this category, I have two affordable skincare products in my routine.

Firstly, the Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water ($6.89) is an all-time favorite. I have gone through so many bottles, and I continue to repurchase it. Above all, I love using it in the morning, to remove eye makeup, and as a second cleanse.

Affordable skincare pond’s cleanser

While I love the Garnier Micellar Water, I do enjoy using a balm to remove my makeup. I had been using the Farmacy Green Clean, which is amazing, but expensive, and I needed to find an alternative. For the last couple of weeks, I have been using the Pond’s Cold Cream Cleansing Balm (9.99). I am not sure why they called it Cold Cream, as it isn’t a cream at all, but I’ve found it to be a great dupe for Green Clean. The texture feels very similar. I think the only difference is that Green Clean has a lot of extra products that are hydrate and soothe the skin, while the Pond’s just takes care of removing your makeup.

2. Toner/Essence

I don’t believe this section is absolutely necessary, it depends on your skin and what your skin needs, but here are a couple of products that are worth mentioning.

The Pixi Glow Tonic ($15.00) is so good. While Pixi isn’t the most affordable skincare brand, it is available at the drugstore, and the products are great quality. The Glow Tonic serves as a gentle chemical exfoliant, removing dead skin, and making your skin look healthy and glowy. It is one of my favorite affordable skincare products in my routine. Definitely recommend it!

Another Pixi Beauty product, the Rose Caviar Essence ($24.00) is an instant burst of hydration. When I apply it, my skin feels immediately refreshed. Could I live without it? Yeah. Is it a nice addition? Absolutely.

The good things about these two products is that they’re not products you need to use every day. Unlike cleanser and moisturizer, toners, essence, oils, all feel great, but they can be alternated so the products last longer.

3. Oils

Pixi beauty dermae face oils

While these could have been grouped with the toners, I LOVE oils and I find them to be a staple in my routine. They make my skin feel so healthy, I use one every day in the mornings. Just because they work so well on me, does not mean you need them in your routine, but I do recommend giving them a try.

The oil that made me a believer was the Jasmine Oil Blend ($22) from Pixi Beauty. As you can see, I am a big fan of Pixi skincare (and makeup) and I just find that everything works really well. This oil makes my skin feel plump and literally brings it back to life when it is feeling dull.

Along the same line, the DERMAE Rejuvenating Face Oil ($16.50) has been my go-to recently. It isn’t as soothing as the Pixi one, but it feels extremely nourishing on my skin. I love pairing my foundations with oil for a more glowy look and this does the trick.

4. Moisturizer

My all-time favorite moisturizer is the Pond’s Dry Skin Cream. It is so good and the size is so generous. I bought this ages ago and I still haven’t finished it. Because of this, I haven’t really tested any other affordable moisturizers, but if you have dry skin, this is perfect for you. If you’re interested in splurging in this area, you might want to consider custom skincare!

5. Eye Cream

Dermae hyaluronic acid eye cream

I am VERY skeptical about eye cream. In my opinion, there isn’t a reason why your regular moisturizer wouldn’t work in your eye area. However, if you are a believer, here is an option for you. The DERMAE Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream ($21.50). Again, while the price of this one is a bit higher, you need SO little of this, it should last you a while.

6. Extras

Because no matter the budget, everyone should be able to do some self-care and pamper session every once in a while, here are some affordable skincare products to enjoy while watching some Netflix.

The bliss Holographic Foil Sheet Masks are so good. They retail for $4.00 and they even have eye masks. Personally, I much prefer a sheet mask over a regular mask, as I find they are less messy (and this is a lazy girl’s guide to skincare). I have also tried the Garnier sheet masks and they have a couple more options.

Bliss affordable skincare face mask

If you don’t like sheet masks, bliss also has great regular masks like their cult-favorite Mighty Marshmallow Bright and Radiant Whipped Mask ($15.00 / $4.00 for the mini). I recently picked up the mini version at Target and it felt so nice on my skin!

Last but not least, Trader Joe’s has AMAZING skincare. My one complaint is that a lot of items are seasonal and not available year long. During the beginning of the Winter season, they sold a Face Mask Trio ($6.99) with a mask to refresh, renew, and restore. I am not sure if they will only have them in December, but keep checking as they are constantly releasing new items. These masks are so good, and I love that the set comes with all three as you can multi-mask. I bought a full line of Trader Joe’s products to test so if you’d be interested in learning more about their skincare, let me know!

Affordable skincare Trader Joe’s face mask trio

Finally, you probably noticed there is one very important category missing. Sunscreen. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any drugstore SPFs specifically for the face, and the body ones are too strong scented. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below!

What are you favorite affordable skincare products?

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Who said skincare had to be expensive? It is all about finding the right products for you. These are some of the affordable skincare products in my routine

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