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I’ve seen a few other bloggers do something like this and I thought it would be a great thing to set myself some goals for the new year. Goals to work towards to are important. I find them to be useful and a motivating force to continue doing this. I started my blog on February 14, 2017. It is going to be almost a year. And there are plenty of things I’d like to work on. My Instagram is the main social media platform I use to connect with other beauty lovers. I also use it to promote my blog. Unlike some people, I decided to use my main Instagram account instead of creating a new one. When I started posting about beauty, I had a little over 400 followers. These were all friends and family. Now, I am close to 3,000.

Blog Goals for 2018

1. Consistency

Since starting my blog in February 2017, I have tried to be as consistent as possible. Until June 2017, I was working full-time, this included some weekends, and from September 2017 I have been a full-time Graduate student. I also fly to Colombia whenever there is a long break, and while I am there, I don’t have as much access to makeup and Internet connection. Because of this, there have been months where I’ve gone without posting anything, and I hate it. I usually try to have the week’s posts written before the week beings but this is not always the case. Before starting my blog, I don’t think I realized how time-consuming it can be. Everything from writing it, taking photos, editing photos, making social media photos, it’s so much work!

Considering how time-consuming it is, it’s hard to have multiple weekly blogs, but then most advice sites say you should post multiple times a week to see progress. This year, I hope to be more consistent with my posting, even if that means reducing the number of times I post a week. I would rather do that than have multiple weeks in a row with no content.

2. Quality

If you follow me on my social media accounts, you would’ve noticed I have started customizing the thumbnails you see when I share a post. I include the title of the post and my blog URL. I also edit the description of each post. These are all little things that I do to try and catch people’s attention and drive them to my blog. On 2018, I hope to continue this with every post I write.

In terms of content, I want to make sure that all my makeup/beauty related posts contain the most valuable information for my readers. That means, including my skin type, the effects of the product on my skin type, doing research to know how it performed on others, and looking more into the ingredients making up the products. I’ve seen this all over Instagram and YouTube, and I really want to be more conscious about the quality of ingredients I am putting on my face.

3. Content

This year I want to create more evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that remains relevant, that is always useful, and that doesn’t become irrelevant with time. For example, blogging tips, Instagram tips, skin care guides, etc. In the case of makeup reviews, these oftentimes become irrelevant because the products become irrelevant or are discontinued. My main obstacle to creating more evergreen content is images. Taking photos of makeup is easy, but taking more lifestyle shots is hard. I don’t have the setup or the house/furniture for those kinds of photos.

I would also like to do more content in Spanish. Since I am originally from Colombia and most of my family don’t speak English, I know they like what I do and would love to be able to read more of my blog.

Instagram Goals for 2018

1. Content Variety

My goals for Instagram are very similar to my blog goals. It’s all about content. In Instagram’s case, I want to have more variety in terms of content. Most of the photos I post are flatlays, but I’d like to have photos that are shot from different angles. One of my main obstacles is props. I don’t want to spend a ridiculous amount of money in props, and because of that, flatlays are definitely the easier thing to do. There are so many accounts I follow that take beautiful shots and even though they’re only posting makeup, it still looks like it belongs in a magazine. They set their products in a vanity, with mirrors, white light, cabinets, it’s beautiful. I’d like to find affordable ways to do this and share them with you!

In addition to makeup posts, I’d also like to include myself more in my feed. Right now, I do post photos of myself but not very often. I want to start putting more lifestyle photos of me, but it is hard when you don’t have someone taking pictures of you. I got a tripod for Christmas (thanks boyfriend), so hopefully, I can try more things like that.

The last type of content I’d like to start doing in 2018 is video. Whether it is in my stories or my actual posts, I want to do more video content. I have always been very shy and self-conscious, like most people I also hate the sound of my own voice and I have an accent as English is not my first language. I know that just like starting this blog and posting about makeup on my Instagram, I just have to jump and do it.

2. Engagement

Everyone knows Instagram is a struggle lately. If you’re a small account trying to grow, it won’t happen as quickly as it did for Influencers three-four years ago. The company has been changing the algorithm, posts no longer show up chronologically so having people see your post gets harder and harder every time. It is also not consistent. Sometimes I get photos that do amazingly well, and sometimes I have photos that only get a few likes and comments. One of the more important thing is engaging with the accounts you follow or who follow you. I’ve met some amazing people on Instagram and I’d like to continue that journey this year.

3. Less Involvement

As anyone trying to grow on social media, it is easy to let it take over your life. I get frustrated when a post doesn’t get likes quick enough, and when I lose more followers that I gain, and when it just feels like growing is impossible. But it’s only Instagram. Just like Facebook, one day people will stop caring about it and there will be a new social media platform. If I can’t post one day, if I lose followers, it’s okay, or if a picture didn’t get to 100 likes, it’s okay.

I think a goal for everyone in this generation is to get away from our social media platforms and engage more with the world around us. Is that one of your goals for this year?

Do you set yourself New Year’s resolutions?
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