About Me

That’s me trying to look somewhat okay on a bridge in San Antonio, Texas.

My name is Maria Cano and I graduated less than a year ago with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication. I am currently attending the University of Oregon where I am pursuing a Masters in Media Studies. The one thing I have grown very passionate about is makeup and skin care, but I’ve never felt like I know enough to write or speak about it with authority. I am obsessed with YouTube and beauty vloggers and can spend hours watching them do their makeup and talk about the products they like to use. I am not brave enough to start YouTube so I figured I’d start by typing.

Please know I don’t claim to be an expert, I am just an aficionado and want to share my learning experience with you. Everything I know, I’ve learned from the YouTube masters, and I hope I can share some light with you as well.

Make sure you check out my various social media accounts, I am excited to get to know more people like me.