About Me

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Welcome to a Lazy Girl’s Guide to Makeup and Skincare! My name is Mariia Cano. I am originally from Colombia, but now reside in Oregon. A couple of years ago, I started this blog to review makeup. In the last year, I have grown passionate about skincare too. I find the act of sitting down, doing my skincare, putting on makeup, absolutely relaxing. It has helped with my anxiety.

While I love doing my makeup, I am also extremely lazy. That’s one of my key qualities. Yes, it is a quality because it pushes me to figure out how to be more effective and efficient. That’s my approach to makeup and skincare. Less is more.

A Lazy’s Girl’s Guide to Makeup and Skincare features reviews, makeup tips, and how to’s. From the beginning, my goal was to build a community. A place where makeup and skincare are fun and not taken seriously. A place for the Lazy people of the world who still want to look good.

I don’t claim to be an expert. I am just an aficionado who wants to share my learning experience with you. If you’re trying to find out the easiest ways to look put together, you’re in the right place.

When I am not here, I am on Instagram. Make sure to follow me there where I also post videos walking through my routines. I am excited to get to know more people like me.

Love, Mariia Cano