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5 Affordable Photography Props Your Blog Needs

Finding great photography props is hard. You want to find affordable, reusable products to spice up your blog photos. I have put together a list of amazing and affordable photography props I like to use in my photos. This will be a great resource for any blogger beginner.

When I started my blog and my Instagram, I struggled a lot with wanting to make my photos better. They just weren’t doing it for me. My apartment did not have amazing marble countertops or beautiful wooden floors. I wanted to take more professional photos. Everyone knows about the magazines, but after a while, buying new magazines every so often gets expensive. It also wasn’t creative enough, and I wanted more. I started asking girls on Instagram, I Googled it, I searched everywhere. A year later, I have amassed many photography props I use for my blog and my Instagram.

These are not things you have to buy all at once, but you can start collecting them. They don’t go bad, they don’t die, and they can be used over and over again. Having quality images is a great way to grow your Instagram and attract a bigger audience. These are the props I use to up my blogging photography game.

Artificial Plants + Flowers

Finding great photography props is hard. Fake flowers are an amazing option.

These are what you need to add a pop of color to your photos. As much as I wished to be able to use real flowers, they die. Fake flowers don’t die and make great photography props. I picked mine up from Michaels and Hobby Lobby. These two stores are always having some sale, discount, or coupon that you can use. Usually, depending on which ones you like, artificial flowers can range from $2-$8, but you can use them FOREVER. The only times I’ve gone back to pick new ones, it’s because I feel like I’ve used them too many times and want to switch it up. I don’t throw the old ones away. I go back to using them a couple of weeks later.

Artificial plants make the perfect photography props.

During my last trip to Target, I stumbled upon these artificial succulent-looking plants. They were so cute! And I had been wanting to get some succulents for a while and these were perfect. The good thing about these is that you can use them as photography props, and also, to decorate your home. These were $6 each. You can find the white one here, and the black one here. I’d recommend checking them online as they had others that are also super cute.

Marble Contact Paper + Foam Board

These are two you NEED. The marble contact paper I use to pretend I have a fancy home is one I picked up from Amazon. Some recommend actually covering a foam board or a firm surface with it, but I know I would ruin it so I just cut out a piece and lay it flat. That’s so much easier. I do have a foam board, but I don’t take flatlays on it. I usually stand it up and use it as a background. The walls in my apartment are not white so this helps!

Trays + Trinkets

When you're at Target, keep an eye out for all the different jewelry dishes and trays. They are the perfect photography props.

These are my favorite photography props to find! Unfortunately, there isn’t a right place to find these, but it’s all about patience and keeping your eyes open. The gold tray, which is sometimes a little too big, I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Then the heart jewelry dish I found at Target. I think Target really is the best place to find these and they are super affordable. On their website, try different keywords. These are the ones that have worked for me: trinket dish, jewelry dish, and jewelry tray. They have some really cute ones.

This one isn’t exactly a tray or a trinket… but kind of. Last time I was at Walmart I picked up these really cute rose wire baskets. I think this one is particularly useful if you’re a lifestyle blogger.

Furry Blanket or Throw

This is a pretty common one for beauty bloggers. As is my case, I don’t like using a white foam board for my flatlays because I think it looks too flat, but a white furry blanket I love. It provides texture and dimension to the photo. Another way I like to use these throws is to create depth when taking my photos. I’ll set my marble contact paper, followed by this, and then the foam board in the background. I’d recommend getting these in white or other pastel colors. You don’t want vibrant colors that will clash with the products in the photo. I picked mine up at Walmart, but you can also find them at TJ Maxx.

Fairy Lights

Last but not least, fairy lights. I love fairy lights. I would have fairy lights everywhere if I could. In my opinion, fairy lights add such a nice detail to photos and they’re so affordable. Both Walmart and Target have a wide variety of them. The ones I have been loving lately are string lights. They’re small and easy to add to your photos. I love mixing them in with the flowers. The wedding section at Walmart, near the party decorations, has amazing props including fairy lights.

Get yourself some cute fairy lights to decorate your photos with.

I hope this has been useful. I know how hard it can be to want your pictures to look amazing, but not wanting to spend too much money. These are all products you can start collecting, there’s no need to get them all at once. Let me know what are some products you like to use as photography props and spice up your photos! Also, if you haven’t subscribed already, don’t forget to do so!

What are your favorite blogging photography props?
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