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The Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette Toasted Palette was released a couple of months ago. It was first available in the Tarte Cosmetics website, and then it was available at Sephora. Once I heard about the Sephora sale, I decided to wait so I could get a small discount on it. At the time this palette was released, I had been debating getting the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette because I loved the shades. For some reason, I just hadn’t gotten it. I have two other Naked palettes and they just hadn’t wowed me as much as I expected. For my birthday this year, I got the Tarte Tarteist Pro palette and I love the shades, the quality, and the overall composition of the palette. When the Toasted palette was announced, it was a no-brainer.

The Tartelette Toasted palette joins the family of two other Tartelette eyeshadow palettes. I haven’t tried those, but they’ve been raved tons! One is the original Tartelette palette and the other one is the Tartelette in Bloom eyeshadow palette. All three palettes have the same look, the only difference is the actual shades and the design of the packaging.

tartelette toasted

The Palette

The Tartelette Toasted eyeshadow palette is full of warm-toned shades. It comes with 12 beautiful shades, 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. The Ulta website says that each row of the palette (there are three rows), is set to be each one look. This is great for beginners who are still learning how to put eye looks together! I definitely find it a lot easier when the palette does part of the work for me.

The shades are:

S’more (pinky beige) Flame (metallic rust)
Sunrise (golden beige) Cozy (brick)
Sunset (bronze) Candle (champagne)
Crackle (brown with gold flecks) Latte (tan)
Cashmere (pale peach) Simmer (copper)
Warmth (terracotta) Fireside (deep plum)
tartelette toasted
The Good

As I mentioned previously, the way the palette is laid out is perfect for beginners. The shades also blend beautifully and look gorgeous on the eyes. If you’ve never tried a Tarte Cosmetics palette then you must know they smell like chocolate. I know scents are not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the way these eyeshadows smell. It isn’t overpowering at all, but if you’re not one for sweet smells, this is not the palette for you. I think this palette is great for everyday, natural looks, but it also has those darker shades and shimmers that can take a natural look into a glam look. I’m currently spending the holidays in Colombia, and this is the only eyeshadow palette I brought with me.

There are multiple reviews out there comparing it to the Urban Decay Naked Heat. I watched the KathleenLights review and that’s what made me decide to go for the Toasted. If you’re in between these two palettes, I recommend you check out some of the reviews and make an informed decision on what will work best for you and your needs!

The Not-So-Good

Some of the shimmery shades in the palette are a bit chunky and hard to work with. I always use my finger when applying them and that works fine for me. Since I am not currently home, I don’t have any Mac Fix+ with me, but I’m sure that works just as good. If you are going to use the shimmery shades, I recommend starting your makeup with your eyes, since there is some fallout and you don’t want to ruin your entire eye look.

There is one shade in the palette I am not too sure about and that is Crackle. This is a dark brown shade with gold glitter… Not really sure what they were thinking, especially because the glitter is quite thick so it looks chunky. To be honest, I haven’t even used this shade so it might be a lot better, but it’s just not a shade that appeals to me.

tartelette toasted

The Dupe

If you’re unfamiliar with Colourpop Cosmetics, then I must let you know that they’ve been killing the eyeshadow palette game lately. They have so many amazing releases, and one of those is the Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette. Every time I see this palette on Instagram, I can’t help but think about the Tartelette Toasted palette. The shades are very similar, it also comes with 12 shades, 7 mattes and 5 shimmers. It even has a shade similar to Crackle. Unlike the Tartelette Toasted, this palette retails for $16.00.

All in all, I personally love this palette and would recommend it to anyone who loves these type of shades. If you’re into more cool-toned shadows, then this palette is definitely not the one for you OR if you don’t want to splurge on this one, I think the Colourpop Double Entendre palette is a great alternative!

What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette?

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