My Colourpop Lipstick Collection

By now, you probably think Colourpop sponsors my posts considering how much I post about them.Unfortunately for my wallet, they don’t. In this occasion, I will be sharing my full Colourpop lipstick collection. Everything from Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks to Lippie Stix and Blotted Lips.

So far, my favorite formula is definitely their Ultra Satin Lipstick. With this formula, you get the pigmentation without the dryness of the matte formula. The Ultra Blotted Lipsticks have also been growing on me so who knows, maybe those will become my favorite.

I won’t link all the shades I own, because that’s too much work and I don’t want to do it, buuut I will list them all and let you know which ones are my favorites and which ones I use the most.


Ultra Something Lipsticks (**for favorites):

Are & Be
Lumiere 2
More Better**
Cherry on Top
Fresh Cut
Teeny Tiny

I know not a lot of them are considered favorites, but this doesn’t mean I don’t love them or use them as much as the others. The favorites are the shades I think suit me best and work better for me.

Lippie Stix:
Only You
And my absolute favorite which I CAN’T FIND (insert sobbing emoji here) Boys Town


Blotted Lip:
Bees Knees

Lippie Pencils:

If you’re not familiar with Colourpop, they’re a really affordable brand that only retails online. Their products are great quality and they’ve kept expanding and releasing new products and new types of products.

Is there a brand that you’re also obsessed with? And can’t help but buy anything and everything they release? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Great collection! I have a couple of them, but do love the brand!

    • It’s so affordable and most of their products are really great quality!

  • Oooooh such a beautiful collection. I’ve only recently started using their products and I’m already building my lip collection up to about 10 haha. I’m obsessed!

    • Thank you! It’s so easy to build a collection when they’re releasing new stuff all the time and always have thing on sale lol

  • Making It up

    Colourpop lippies are my absolute faves!

  • Making It up

    I’ve tried every formula except for the blotted formula. My favorites are the ultra satin lips!

  • I’m so eager to try out Colourpop!

    • They’re so great! And they’ve got eyeshadows, and face products now as well. It really is great and really affordable.

  • These liquid lipsticks are so good! No surprise that you have so many, beautiful colours!

    • I really do love their quality! And I’d rather have more variety than a few of a higher end brand. What are your favorite lipsticks?

      • My favourite from colourpop is Creeper ❤️ but besides that, recently I’ve really been loving Clarins lipglosses and lip oils, I’m writing a post about them next week!

        • I’ve heard SO many great things about the clarins oils! I’ll have to check them out and can’t wait for your review!

          • Oh it’s so nice to hear that! So next week it is!


  • Everyone talks about eyebrows being sisters not twins... I feel the same way about eyelashes. Loved trying out the @marcbeauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. It's easy for this one to get on the clumpy side, but I think wiping the excess off really helps. What are your favorite mascara tricks to make them look more even?
Todo el mundo dice que las cejas son hermanas no gemelas... así me siento yo acerca de las pestañas. Cuales son sus trucos para hacerlas ver parejas?
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Aquí me salte la base. Antes de que me obsesionada con el maquillaje solo usaba corrector y polvos. Luego empece a sentir que TENÍA que usar algún tipo de base. La verdad es que no TIENES que hacer nada. Te verás hermosa con tal de que te estás sintiendo cómoda!
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  • New post is up! I shared my love for the @itcosmetics CC Cream. Don't forget to leave me some love on the blog post. What do you think of the @itcosmetics CC Cream?
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Les estaria mintiendo si les digo que estos fueron los productos que use hoy. Ya quisiera. Pero si estoy usando esa pestañina. Que usaron ustedes hoy?


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