My Top 5 Favorite Colourpops


Beeper, Bianca, Cami, Viper, More Better


If you haven’t heard of Colourpop… You’re missing out. It’s an online-only brand of cosmetics, their best-sellers being Ultra-Matte liquid lipsticks and they have every color imaginable. I think my current count is about 17 lipsticks, including Ultra Matte, Ultra Satin, Ultra Glossy and their Lippie Stix. They’re only $6 which is just an excuse to make myself feel better about how many I’ve purchased in such a short period of time. In this post, I wanted to list my absolute favorites – mainly because of the shade, but also because how comfortable it is to wear them.

  1. Beeper


Beeper is known and loved my many. It is a dark (for me) nude shade that goes perfectly with whatever makeup and outfit you’re wearing for the day. I work a 9 to 6 job and whenever I wear Beeper (or any of the other lipsticks) it lasts me all day long. There is sometimes a little bit of cracking, but there are a couple of reasons for this and not all of them are Colourpop’s fault. I pick the skin of my lips a lot, it IS  a matte lip, and I do spend over eight hours at work.

2. Bianca


Bianca is also a nude, but more of a pinky nude, unlike Beeper. I sometimes resist wearing Bianca because I think that if I’m not wearing enough face makeup, it will make me look washed out. Again, I think it’s a shade that will suit a lot of people and a lot of skin tones.

3. Cami


Cami is my new found love. I don’t know how to explain it, maybe I’ll post a picture of me wearing it one day. I bought it for no apparent reason – I hadn’t read or heard of any other blogger talking about it, but I thought the shade looked pretty enough on screen. After I tried it on…. I fell in love and had friends asking me what shade I was wearing and where it was from.

4. Viper


My favorite mauve-pink lipstick. I have a hard time wearing dark shades on a daily basis because I have very full lips and I just feel like it looks very… THERE. Unlike people who have thinner lips that can get away with wearing dark shades without blinding people or looking like they’re going clubbing at 9 in the morning.

5. More Better


I am obsessed with berry shades and I think they really suit me (but what do I know). More Better is kind of a berry shade with a little bit of pink on it and I LOVE wearing it. If you would like to see my full Colourpop collection, leave a comment below!



Holaa! My name is Maria, twenty-three, Colombian in Oregon, pursuing my Masters degree in Media Studies and using makeup as a procrastination tool. Join me as I learn more about makeup and share my thoughts with you!

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  • Viper looks absolutely stunning! I love colourpop because once its on, its on. Plus they’re really affordable which is great for when you’re like me and on a budget. Going to have to try a few of these shades out for myself because they look so cute!

    Laura xo

    • I know! That’s the main reason why I love them, the $6 price plus they always have stuff on sale. Which shades are your favorite??

      • I’m in the UK so they’re a little harder to get a hold of but i always snatch them up when i have the chance. My latest purchase was Vice and it’s been my fave ever since i got it!

        • Yeah I’m originally from Colombia so being in the U.S now and being able to get everything shipped in just a couple of days is Amazing. I don’t think I know which one is Vice. Will definitely look it up! Thank youu

  • Well, I need to go shopping now! Love all your shades!
    love, elena

    • that’s the danger of colourpop! but at least it’s more affordable than other brands.

      Thanks for reading my blog!


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Se puede tener suficientes iluminadores 😍? Yo no lo creo 🤷🏻‍♀️Cuál es su favorito en este momento? El mío es Flexitarian de @colourpopcosmetics
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